Vision Fitness TF40 Review

Vision Fitness TF40 is a nice foldable treadmill. This machine utilizes a powerful 3.0 CHP digital drive system. The workout area is a spacious 60 inch x 20 inch. Overall build quality is excellent. Heart rate monitor, unique workout programs, incline feature, generous warranty and some other features make this treadmill very appealing to the most users. Let’s see what this treadmill offering us.

Pros: As the demand of the users, this Treadmill has all the features that could make anyone impressed on it. The features as like: Heart rate monitoring with heart rate sensors, workout programs as a smart or we can over smart programs, motor, frame and cushioning system have lifetime warranty and many more to create an impressive presentation to the customers/viewers.

Cons: By comparing with the other models of the Vision, its price seems like little bit high, when other models also possessed same/sometime more than its features but less in price.

Meanwhile, this model does not have any cooling fan. So, there is a possibility of overheating during workout on track.

Some of the especial features are given below in details:

Console choice: Vision Company offering three types of console. There are TF20 Classic, TF20 Elegant+ and TF20 Touch+. If you are looking for more bells and whistles then Classic console with LED display is perfect choice for you. With this console you will get only some basic preset workout programs. Elegant+ console has 10 inch HD touchscreen display with Virtual Active™ Integrated and sprint8 feature. Touch+ console has 15.6″ High-definition touch screen display with workout tracking facility, speaker and iPod support. Most of the users like this console choice facility very much.

Heart Rate Monitoring: Elegant+ and Touch+ both console feature built-in heart rate sensors, a receiver and strap for easy, wireless hands-free heart rate monitoring. Hart rate information can also be used with the various workout programs to help you set, achieve and monitor your workout goals. Classic, elegant and touch+ all three type of console support this heart rate monitoring.

Unique Workout Programs: Vision Fitness TF40 has unique workout program. With the Elegant+ and Touch+ consoles, Vision has created their unique Sprint 8™ High Intensity Training (HIIT) Workout program that promises with each 20-minute Sprint 8 workout, you can more efficiently built lean muscle mass and reduce body fat in just eight weeks. Actually this program works by automatically adjusting speed and inclines. A lot of users like this feature very much because they want to burn fat as soon as possible within short period of time.

Motor: This treadmill has a 3.0 CHP motor. This motor supports speeds up to 12mph; it’s high enough for most of the users. This powerful motor is designed to run at lower speed so it is both powerful and quiet. Vision Company is offering lifetime guarantee with this 3.0 CHP motor.

ViaFit Connectivity: Vision Fitness TF40 has ViaFit connectivity so you can easily track, set and monitor workout data without having to manually enter any data. This feature will utilize WiFi connection for connecting and sharing data. Also you can use this information with various applications if you want. And if you don’t want to share workout information with apps then you can disable this feature. You will find supported apps on manufacturer’s website. Elegant+ console and Touch+ console both are supporting this feature. Classic console doesn’t support this feature.

Smooth & Comfortable Folding Frame: This model from Vision can be folded which let you to store it easily. You can make it bend/open from 83 inches in length to just 41 inches, only in a minute. And it’s easy to open and close, does not matter whether you are familiar with the Treadmill or not.

Warranty: The warranty on this model can make you feel more comfortable while using. The Vision Fitness T40 treadmill has lifetime warranty for cushioning, frame and motor. At the same time, users going to have 7 years warranty on the parts and 2 years on the labor. Which means company is very much concern about the service of their product.

Surface/Deck: The deck of this model made with double phenolic coating which is amazingly durable and belt fiber is integrated with the wax that let you to run on it more smoothly. It is good to say that, its deck tested to run 21,000 miles with no maintenance. By which you can stay tension free about the deck of this product. All these features of the deck will enhance its longevity.

This product from Vision is made for all with easy to used function. You can choose this for your family when you or your family members merely have any time to go outside to walk to keep fit. Same time, company is assuring the quality of the product. As you see above that, each part of this Treadmill has made with the assurance of quality with the warranty. When you are seriously thinking about to purchase a Treadmill then you can definitely choose Vision Fitness TF40 Treadmill without any hesitation. After all, you should keep your focus on the matter that, what way you can maintain a fit body.

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