Horizon Elite T9 Review

Horizon Elite T9 is one of the top fitness machines for runner. This is a premium treadmill from horizon which is an upgrade from the Horizon Elite T7. It has Free Polar® Chest Strap Add-on, 44 exercise programs, ViaFit connectivity, passport, incline capability up to 15%, fold/unfold, energy saving and others interesting features. Its price is little bit high but if you don’t want to compromise nice feature set and high quality machine then this Elite T9 is definitely a good choice for you. Let’s see what this Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill offering us.

Pros Cons
High quality machine A bit expensive
A free Polar® chest strap ——
Inclines up to 15% ——
44 workout programs ——
Low maintenance required ——
Energy saving function ——

Attractive & Useful Features

Now I want to discuss about some of its attractive and useful features here.

Space Saver:

For saving interior space fold/unfold feature is very important. Also fold/unfold features will give you more freedom to move your treadmill from one room to another. Horizon Elite T9 fold/unfold feature is very smooth, as like as feather because it has hydraulic system.


This machine has 2.75 CHP continuous-duty motor. Noise level of this motor is very low compared to other treadmill. The 2.75 CHP motor is suitable for both walking and running. This motor can recalibrate with each footfall. Also you can use this treadmill in any room because this powerful motor runs at low RPMs for very low noise level and long durability.

Free Polar® Chest Strap Add-on:

With this machine you will get a free Polar® chest strap for monitoring your heart rate data during workout.

ViaFit Connectivity:

ViaFit is a very interesting feature. This treadmill can connect to your WiFi internet for automatic tracking your fitness-related activities. This feature makes it extremely easy for tracking your fitness progress. Also you can share your data with apps or social network if you want. ViaFit is compatible with various fitness apps including Nike+, FitBit and MyFitnessPal. Horizon designed this ViaFit connectivity to save your time on tracking fitness data.


Its console is very attractive and easy to use. This console has a reading rack, two beverage holders and a cooling fan with sufficient air flow. During exercise you can put your cup or water pot in this cup holder for professional gymnasium like experience.


Elite T9 has 10 inch color touchscreen display. This display can show time, distance, incline, speed, calories, heart rate and pace. This is a premium treadmill so color touch screen is must have.


Most of the users prefer listening audio during workout. Horizon Elite T9 machine has USB port for iPod or mp3 player. Its built-in speaker is loud enough for most of the situation.

Built-in Workout Programs:

There are 44 built-in programs available for workout. These 44 built-in programs are enough for anyone. Some calories goal programs, time programs, interval, performance, step goals, distance programs and customizable programs are available with this Horizon Elite T9 treadmill. Also a digital calendar will help you to plan your workout.


This Horizon Elite T9 track can incline up to 15%. Incline is very useful for boost your metabolism. You can feel the burn. Preset program will let you control incline level & also you can do it manually.


Passport is a very attractive feature for this treadmill. Your home TV will connect with your treadmill via WiFi so you can experience an exceptional workout with this feature. During your workout you can set a destination and your TV will show high definition video footage and synced to the speed and intensity of your workout. Each Passport video can automatically adjust to match your workout intensity and you will also hear ambient sound through your headphones or speakers. Most of the users like this simulation during workout.

Track Length:

Track length is a considerable factor before buying any treadmill. Generally 50 inch is good for walkers and 60 inch is optimal for runners or taller people. This machine has 60 inch long and 20 inch width track. If you are a runner or tall person then definably this machine is perfect choice for you.


Horizon Elite T9 has a 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning System for more comfortable workout. The front zone has thick layer of cushioning for a softer landing, the back zone has thin layer of cushioning for a firmer push-off area, and the middle zone has moderate layer of cushioning for increased comfort level. Actually this is a unique feature.


You’ll get a lifetime frame and motor warranty, a five-year parts warranty and a two-year labor warranty. Compared to its price I think you are not getting very bad warranty.

Weight Capacity:

This machine can handle up to 350 pound weight without any problem. We can’t complain because 350 pound is good weight capacity for this type of machine.

Low Maintenance:

Most treadmill use silicon lubrication in track which needs to apply regularly but this treadmill has infinity belt. Infinity belt features a hard synthetic wax. This wax will provide enough lubrication for the life of the machine.

Energy Saving:

If you forget to turn it off after workout, this machine will go to sleep mode automatically after few minutes. This is an important feature for prevent unnecessary power consumption.

This treadmill gained a lot of positive opinion from users. It is Horizon’s premium treadmill. This machine can fit most people’s needs. Users are very impressed by its overall performance and features. Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill really has plenty of interactive features to make your training sessions more exciting. This machine is suitable for both walker and runner. I think this machine is very durable and well build. It is definitely a high quality treadmill and a very good choice for you. I highly recommend this treadmill to serious runner. If you want great workout and entertainment without compromising quality and performance then this machine is for you. The Elite T9 is a very good buy.

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